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Sikes is an Indie Hip-Hop artist & producer from Pittsburgh, PA. He also hosts a weekly podcast focused on the Pittsburgh Music & Entertainment scene called Start The Beat with Sikes.

March 2K18 Update: The end of the F$%KING world.

JK. Everything is fine. Here's what I've been up to the past few weeks. ;-)

One week ago the Pittsburgh music community was in a total panic attack mode after news broke out about the Pittsburgh Music Ecosystem Project's Town Hall Meeting that happened last Tuesday at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater. A lot of people had a lot to say.

One of the most prolific sources of generating public commentary came via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the article written by Scott Mervis. It was shared around on Facebook by quite a few people the day after the event and the conversations that developed from all of this were rather interesting to follow. Personally, I couldn't even put my thoughts into words so instead I yelled at my camera for an hour and tried to make sense of it all.

If you want to know my uncensored, unapologetic thoughts on some real shit regarding the Pittsburgh music community here's my two cents. Enjoy. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

NOTE: This was supposed to go up last week right after I filmed it but I had some unanticipated issues with the video files and no extra time to fix them properly over the past few days so I decided to upload it "as is". It's just me talking a bunch of shit anyways. I wasn't planning on this being in an IMAX release. It's fine.

Greywalker - 12/25/18 @ Cattivo (Photo: Nick Prezioso)

Greywalker - 12/25/18 @ Cattivo (Photo: Nick Prezioso)

We finished recording the new Greywalker album last month and I've been taking whatever free time I have in between other obligations to finish mixing it so we can send it off to the magical land of mastering. We're hoping to have the album out this Summer but we'll see how it goes. These things always take longer than you want them to. Sometimes being "DIY for Life" is literally just a consequence of the reality that doing everything yourself takes forever. The album sounds really good though. We're super proud of it. You'll be hearing it as soon as we can wrap it up! 

If you want to hear some new jams LIVE and come support a great cause our next show in Pittsburgh is a Cancer Benefit Festival at the recently opened Stage At Karma located on East Carson Street in the Southside. If anyone is interested, we have tickets available and all of the money from the sales are going straight to the benefit. Hit us up!

For more info on this event and some other upcoming shows check down below.

We are gonna help a local girl with her 2nd battle with cancer. All money from ticket sales go directly to offset the enormous cost that comes with the disease. Let’s do what we can to change a life.   Entertainment from:  Improvidence (Pitt death bois)  Outcast (Kentucky fried riffs)  Greywalker (Steel city thrashmen)  156/Silence (Dollar Store Norma Jean)  Hymnless (Sad dads w/ attitude)  Nullity (Soundcloud rappers but w/ metalcore)  AROSEATHORN (Indy PA Noise boiz)  Bury Thy Kingdom (Pittsburgh Prog-men)   No outside beverages/Bar for 21+ with ID/ No drugs or drama or you’ll be ask to leave 12$ presales 15$ at door BUY TICKETS FROM LOCALS. AN ADDITIONAL GOFUNDME WILL BE POSTED SOON SO IF YOU CAN'T ATTEND YOU CAN STILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

We are gonna help a local girl with her 2nd battle with cancer. All money from ticket sales go directly to offset the enormous cost that comes with the disease. Let’s do what we can to change a life. 

Entertainment from: 
Improvidence (Pitt death bois)
Outcast (Kentucky fried riffs)
Greywalker (Steel city thrashmen)
156/Silence (Dollar Store Norma Jean)
Hymnless (Sad dads w/ attitude)
Nullity (Soundcloud rappers but w/ metalcore)
AROSEATHORN (Indy PA Noise boiz)
Bury Thy Kingdom (Pittsburgh Prog-men)

No outside beverages/Bar for 21+ with ID/ No drugs or drama or you’ll be ask to leave

In other news, I completed a little project I had been working on originally for One Minute Or Less that turned out to be a much bigger project than I originally expected. In full transparency I was drunk and on vacation when I decided to do this (If you can't tell already in the video) but it turned out really great and I'm super stoked on it.

If you haven't checked this out yet and you have a few minutes to spare DO IT! There are 2 different versions available online now. Links to both below! :-)

I have some new episodes of Start The Beat available as well featuring Lazy JP of the Hip-Hop duo BBGuns and indie horror filmmaker Todd aka Killer Wolfson of Just Buried Productions. Check out some short video clips and links to the full episodes below! 

I think that's everything worth mentioning for now. There is lot's of other cool stuff coming up. Especially with the new Sikes and The New Violence related stuff. I may not be talking much about it online but it's all happening behind the scenes. Some cool announcements coming soon. Yep. Stay tuned!

Be excellent to each other and don't let the fuckers get you down. Peace!

February 2K18 Update: YOUR BOI IS BUSY AF

Alright. Everything has been a little wild lately. Between a mountain of new projects with Greywalker + Sikes&TNV, producing new episodes Start The Beat and One Minute Or Less, hosting DJ events, juggling freelance art jobs, planning year 3 of Brewtal Beer Fest and the day to day at Get Hip Records PLUS trying to have a reasonably normal/balanced social life things are BUSY AF. So much to talk about. So little time. Let's dig in.


First off, we just wrapped up recording the new Greywalker album. Next step is mixing and mastering and all that fancy bullshit so it may be a little bit before you get to hear anything but it will be worth the wait. This thing slams and I'm super proud of the album we've put together. We also shot a couple music videos last month for the album so expect to see & hear a lot of new stuff from us ASAP.  

DH2K18 copy.jpg

In the meantime we have a handful of shows coming up including our support date for Darkest Hour on Feb 25th at Cattivo (Pittsburgh, PA). Tickets are available for that Feb 25 show on our website. Links below! 


Another awesome Greywalker thing is that our hot sauce is back in stock! After selling out the first 2 batches we've teamed up for a 3rd Batch with Allegheny City Farms and gave this run an all new look! I designed the new label art for Batch #3 myself and you can order these online from our website right now! Just click the image below to order. :-)

Things have been moving forward pretty productively in the Sikes&TNV camp as well. I'm not sure if it has been announced "officially" yet but if you pay attention to my social media at all it's pretty obvious that a new guitar player has joined the team. I'm honored to say that Evan Thorsen (Greywalker) is currently working with us on the new album and we have a nice batch of songs we're in the process of recording now.


I'm also not sure if this was "officially" announced or not but Steve LaRussa (Mace Ballard) has also joined the New Violence gang will be taking over live drums for all future shows. As I mentioned before, we're currently working on wrapping up this new album and getting a new live show together. We're hoping to play out very soon but also taking the time to make sure everything is right before jumping back into it. I do plan on playing some solo sets to keep my chops up though. You can actually catch me and Mandy on Feb 19th at Club Cafe and in I'll be doing a DJ set once again at MySpace Nite at Brillobox on Feb 16th as well. Details below.


This is the start of my 2nd year hosting Myspace Nite at Brillobox and if you haven't come out to one our events yet you're seriously missing out. It's a fantastic Bi-Monthly party curated by yours truly. Come out, have some drinks and sing your ass off. Everyone else is doing it. ;-)

In other news, There's a few new episodes of Start The Beat floating around. You can check out some clips from Episodes 158 & 159 below along with links to the full episodes! They're both really awesome episodes. Duh.

I also have a new episode of One Minute Or Less where I review the Taco Bell "Nacho Fries". It's quality content. Trust me. ;-)


In art news I am SUPER STOKED to announce that I'll be working with Rock Bottom Homestead on artwork for a line of cans that they will be releasing this year. Above you can see a test image of the art for the Uppity Jagoff IPA. I also recently did some artwork for Penn Brewery that I'm not sure if I posted about in here before or not. Ah well, here's a picture of me and a T-Shirt I designed for them anyways.


One final thing that I would like to mention is that if you live in Pittsburgh you may have heard that we officially opened a retail space at the Get Hip Records warehouse with a nice collection of Vinyl, Cassettes and CD's available for sale!


We're located inside of the RJ Casey Industrial Park - 1800 Columbus Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15233 on the 2nd Floor / FREE PARKING! Open 7 Days A Week! - Sun: 1pm-6pm / Mon-Sat: 12pm-6pm - CALL US: 412-231-4766x12

I still spend most of my time on the 3rd Floor in our main office but if you decide to stop down let me know and I'll come say hi. Speaking of the 3rd Floor we also have a space for live bands on the 3rd Floor as well and have a ton of shows coming up. I'm not playing any of these shows but some other great acts are and I'll probably be hanging around with a beer or two in my hands. Check out the calendar below and come check out the space! 


AND THAT'S FEBRUARY! Tons of cool stuff going on. I didn't even get into Brewtal Beer Fest or some other things that are going on but I think this is plenty enough for now. Feeling good. Feeling Great. Anyways, thanks for reading all this. I hope to see some of you out in the real world sometime soon. 

Be excellent to each other. Talk soon!

January 2K18 Update: Just a quickie. ;-)

On Episode 157 of Start The Beat I sit down with musician, teacher, DIY touring guru and fellow podcaster Joey Molinaro for a talk about creating art with no boundries and doing whatever it takes to share it with the world. Sit back, relax and let's Start The Beat!

Explore the world of Joey Molinaro on his website.

Watch a clip from the conversation below and stream the full episode below that! 

If you are new to Start The Beat or haven't listened in a while there are plenty of fantastic conversations available here on the website. Start The Beat w/ Sikes is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and wherever else you listen to podcasts! Subscribe and never miss a beat! 

I also recently uploaded a new episode of One Minute Or Less featuring A Basic Guide on How to Get Things Done! Check it out on my Facebook page below.

You can also watch every episode of One Minute Or Less on my YouTube page. Follow this link for a playlist of every episode and slam that SUBSCRIBE button if you'd like to keep up with my channel. I'd like it. Just saying. ;-)

Also, I just wanted to remind everyone that Greywalker is having a Live Music Video shoot this Friday, January 26th 2018 at The Smiling Moose in the Southside of Pittsburgh, PA. We have an awesome line up and we're doing some cool promos for the event. Check the video below for more details and a link to the event page!

Click through the flyer for more info! 

Click through the flyer for more info! 

Hope to see all of you this weekend at the Greywalker video shoot! As always keep an eye out for more episodes of Start The Beat and One Minute Or Less. New Greywalker album this year. New Sikes&TNV album this year. Some cool collaborations in the works and plenty more! Good vibes all around. Talk again soon!

My Top 10 Albums of 2017!

This week it's just me and you as I babble nonsense and play you some clips from My Top 10 Albums of 2017! I also dig into some of the albums that didn't make the cut and slowly lose my mind as I talk to my computer screen. Sit back, relax and let's START THE BEAT!

For anyone who doesn't feel like listening to the podcast here is the list.

10: Igorrr - Savage Sinusoid
09: Brutus - Burst
08: Scattle - Sketch
07: The Anix - Ephemeral
06: Septicflesh - Codex Omega
05: Hot Sugar - The Melody of Dust
04: Arms and Sleepers - Life Is Everywhere
03: Deserted Fear - Dead Shores Rising
02: Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun
01: Tera Melos - Trash Generator

Sikes' 2017 Top 10 Albums Playlist on Spotify:

Sikes' 2017 Top 20 Singles Playlist on Spotify:




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The OFFICIAL Greywalker Latte & Christmas Craptacular This Weekend!

OH DANG! Our friends over at Black Forge Coffee House have crafted a SPICY new latte and named it after yours truly! Be sure to stop by and try it while you can. Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! :-O

Also, this Saturday is the CHRISTMAS CRAPTACULAR at Excuses in South Side PGH. We'll be sharing the stage with the insanely rad Gahara and our soon to be new friends in The Neverweres. Eat, drink and be merry with this eclectic bill of Pittsburgh's finest Metal, Sludge, Punk and Rock! 21+ with a $5 cover. Doors open around 8PM. <MORE INFO HERE>

24129653_1496621370436962_7674220110668897311_n (1).jpg

Get your asses up to Black Forge to try that Greywalker drink and I hope to see some of you this weekend at the Christmas Craptacular! Happy Holidays or whatever. Later!