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Sikes is an Indie Hip-Hop artist & producer from Pittsburgh, PA. He also hosts a weekly podcast focused on the Pittsburgh Music & Entertainment scene called Start The Beat with Sikes.

March 2K18 Update PART TWO: You WON'T BELIEVE what happens next!

March 2K18. The month so nice I blogged twice. Let's dig in.

Photo:   Nick Prezioso / Let's Be Animals

Photo: Nick Prezioso / Let's Be Animals

First order of business: WE'RE BACK! SIKES AND THE NEW VIOLENCE has a NEW lineup, NEW songs and a NEW live show that we will be debuting at the Millvale Music Festival 2018! We play at 6PM on the Gap Park Main Stage. Check out the video for more info and mark those calendars. We'll see you in May!

Second order of business: I got a new episode of ONE MINUTE OR LESS available for your eyeholes. If you're a rabid fan of old school horror movies chances are you've already seen and love this movie. However, when looking at the big picture and discussing great 80's classics this movie is way overlooked and way underrated by way too many people. Some people don't even know it exists! I can't live in a world like that. 

If you're looking for a good time and some truly classic 80's horror nostalgia The Gate is a film you should not miss. Me and Killer Wolfson of Just Buried Productions are here to tell you about it in ONE MINUTE OR LESS!

Third order of business: THE FUTURE IS WILD! Especially for music producers like myself and Buscrates who have been in the game since the early 00's and have watched all of this technology develop around us. On Episode 162 of START THE BEAT me and Buscrates talk a lot about these developments and how he has adapted some of them into his personal setup to expand his sound libraries and streamline his workflow.

We also discuss a wide variety of topics from the first pieces of gear we ever purchased, to our love of all things music and being a couple of old heads trying to navigate social media to get our sounds heard. Sit back, relax and let's START THE BEAT

Listen to the full episode using the player above or find it on whatever other platform you prefer. START THE BEAT with SIKES is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google PlayLibsyn, Epicast or wherever else you get your podcasts!

If you missed my original MARCH 2K18 blog post you can click the image below to give that a read to see what else is going on. I talked about some other events and things coming up that may tickle your fancy. Check it out!

Be awesome to each other. See you next month! 

One Minute Or Less: A New Web Series Thing.

Hey all. I started a new web series called One Minute Or Less where I am going to be talking about random shit that I think you should know about... in one minute or less. It's really simple. You're gunna love it. I hope. Watch the Introduction video below to learn more! 

The plan is to upload these once a week (probably on Tuesday) and keep it going until I don't feel like doing it anymore. The first episode is available now via my Instagram & Facebook & YouTube channels. Hell, by the time you read this the second episode might be available as well so be sure to stop by the links in the previous sentence and LIKE/SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW to never miss an episode. Watch Episode 1 now down below!  

I have added a new "VLOGS" section to my page where new episodes will be added alongside any other vloggy stuff that I happen to do from this point forward. Also, One Minute Or Less is NOT replacing Start The Beat in any way, shape or form. New Episodes of Start The Beat will continue to drop every week via EpicastiTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, this website you are currently on & wherever else you listen to podcasts.*

*If Start The Beat is not currently available on your podcast platform of choice let me know and I will do my best to change that. 

That's all for now. As always, more shit coming soon!