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Sikes is an Indie Hip-Hop artist & producer from Pittsburgh, PA. He also hosts a weekly podcast focused on the Pittsburgh Music & Entertainment scene called Start The Beat with Sikes.



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If you are unable to make it out to the 5th Year Anniversary Party you have another opportunity to catch Start The Beat LIVE on April 12th at Podcast Night at The Tolma 2 alongside our friends in Thrifty and Neon Brainiacs. This event is at a private address but open to the public so please feel free to reach out for more info!

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The past couple weeks on Start The Beat have been fantastic conversations. If you haven’t had a chance to check out these episodes you should set aside some time to engage your earholes with them.


Been having a lot of fun with Sikes and The New Violence over the past few weeks playing a lot of more shows and working on new material as well. If you have not had a chance to see us yet this year the new set we’re playing is pretty rad and you should try to catch us at one of our upcoming shows! We have a couple more gigs this month along with a nice handful of others throughout the summer that we’ll be announcing soon.

We have just launched 2019 Summer Merch for Greywalker and if you’re into that sort of thing… well… you can give us your money I suppose! :-) People have been asking for us to make the shorts again and this is the FIRST TIME we’ve ever had snapbacks so I’m excited that we’re able to get these out to everyone.

You can also pick up this stuff at our upcoming shows throughout the summer while supplies last. YOu can find a list of some events down below. Come headbang!

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Before we wrap up here I just want to remind everyone about the next Myspace Nite on April 19th at Brillobox. Our friend Bambi will be hosting the event. Come dance, dance. ;-)

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That’s all for now. Goodbye. :-)


It’s been a few months since I’ve updated this website blog. What the flapjack is going on? Mostly, just the same old shit but it’s all pretty cool. Let’s talk about it. Don’t worry… I’ll keep it short.

Feb 2019 - Myspace Nite (Photo: Nick Prezioso)

Feb 2019 - Myspace Nite (Photo: Nick Prezioso)

I don’t have an efficient way to discuss all this crap so let’s try taking things one at a time. Let’s start with Sikes and The New Violence. The last post I made on the website was actually discussing our latest album that we released back in November. Since then some people have listened to it. Some people have even gave us money for it. Some people are nice. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet you can listen to it for free on the internet. We’ve also been playing a lot of more shows. You can find some evidence of that below along with a calendar of upcoming shows if you give a shit.


STB T-Shirt MockUp_BACK B.jpg

If you haven’t been keeping up with my podcast over the past few months I’ve been moving full force and am quickly approaching the shows 5th Year Anniversary. With no plans of really slowing down any time soon I am working on some pretty cool stuff as I move forward. For now though, take a moment to check out everyone who has been on the show recently and don’t forget that you can catch new episodes every Monday at 1:00 PM!


In other podcast news I have recently made some new friends with some other podcasters in the PGH area and it seems we have created a little gang of sorts. (Special shout outs to Thrifty, Ghoul on Ghoul and Neon Brainiacs) In a celebration of continued friendship we will be hosting our SECOND Podcast Night at The Tolma event on April 12th. An evening of live podcast recordings with plenty of encouraged audience participations where YOU could be part of the show… If you want. Click the flyer below for more info and SMASH THAT RSVP while you’re in there.

Moving onto some Greywalker news we… recently released a music video for the track Gold Lust that was Directed & Edited by Brian Howe aka Sikes aka the person talking to you right now. We also spent some time in studio recently with our friend Sid Riggs and put together something special that we’re hoping to release very soon. We’re also officially back in full force writing mode with a couple of new demos under our belt. Lots of behind the scenes stuff but we’ll be playing a good bit of shows over the next couple of months so check out our new music video down below and underneath that you can catch a list of some upcoming shows. Nice.

If you’re reading this before March 30, 2019 you have an opportunity to come to a great event that we’ve been asked to be a part of in memory of our late friend JJ. You can find our more about this event here and by clicking through the flyer below as well.


IMG_5301 copy2.jpg

Wrapping things up, I just want to give a bit if an early heads up on the next MYSPACE NITE. We did announce this last week on our new Instagram but the account is new and doesn’t have many followers yet (which YOU can help change) so this is our first “major” public announcement. I guess. It doesn’t really matter. What DOES matter though is that our favorite host BAMBI will be back with us this month and you can be damn sure that this party will be a blast. See below for photographic evidence from past events.

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

And well I think that is plenty enough for now. Just wanted to do my best to get things up to date on this “blog” and fill in any gaps you may have missed. As always, I’m working on plenty of new stuff and keeping the ball rolling. When something cool happens, I’ll be back to tell you about it. Until then, be kind to yourself and the people around you… OR ELSE. ;-)

JUNE 2K18. It's the most busiest time of the year.

JUNE 2K18. It's the most busiest time of the year. Stuff is crazy but a good crazy. Not a bad crazy. I haven't been sleeping well. I don't mind. Let's talk about it. 


Played a really awesome Sikes set over the weekend in Pittsburgh and met lots of awesome people. Huge thanks to the promoters, artists and everyone who came out sang along to my shit. That was really cool. 

My next show will be with The New Violence behind me on June 23rd at the Get Hip Records Warehouse! We're playing with this insanely rad band from Mexico called Decartes A Kant. They are so fucking good. If you're in or around PGH this weekend you should seriously consider coming out to this event. My buddies in Felipe Pupo (Philly) and Cody Cody Jones are on the bill as well. Shit is nuts. Seriously.

TICKETS FOR DESCARTES A KANT - 6/23 @ Get Hip Recordings are available HERE!

Sikes&TNV recently got to play with a cool band from Brooklyn called Spirit Animal. Here's a little evidence from that.

Also, if you can't make it to the show on June 23rd you'll be able to catch us on July 14th at the Deutschtown Music Festival. We're scheduled to play 9:00pm - 9:45pm
Pittsburgh Winery at James St. - Ballroom 422 Foreland St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA
This space is ALL AGES!

In Greywalker news we are less than a month away from dropping our new album! We have a couple events coming up to celebrate. The first being our Dinner with Greywalker event this Thursday - June 14th at The Pear and The Pickle and the second being our Album Release Party on July 7th at The Rex Theater. Flyers and more info below! 

Join us for a night of local heavy metal, independent film, delicious food and craft brews!

Pittsburgh headbangers Greywalker will be in the house giving a sneak preview of their new album "Without Control" along with an exclusive premiere of a short film made for the albums title track directed by Nathan King. Be one of the first people to hear the new album and see the video!!The kitchen will be open so come hungry. Beer from Penn Brewery and Rock Bottom will be available for all the grown ups. Open to the public. All ages welcome!

Mr. Smalls Presents
Greywalker “Without Control” Album Release Party
With Blackmarket BodypartsThe Breathing Process & Victims of Contagion

Saturday, July 7, 2018 · Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm · Rex Theater Pittsburgh, PA

Tickets: $12 - $14 · ON SALE NOW · This event is All Ages

In case you missed it we dropped a new Greywalker song and music video last month that you can check out now via YouTube and Spotify. We'll be dropping lots of more stuff very soon so be sure to subscribe/follow/whatever to keep posted with updates!

On the most recent episode of One Minute Or Less I put myself on blast a little bit... You see, I like a lot of music. This isn't a secret. However, theres still some stuff lurking in my record collection that might surprise you... Let's talk about a few reasonably embarrassing albums I own (and don't feel bad about) in ONE MINUTE OR LESS!

The past few weeks have brought us a few new episodes of Start The Beat. Check out some clips and links to full episodes below! 

Start The Beat 169: Jamie Fadden-Cannon | We Are The Weirdos

On Episode 169 I sit down with Jamie Fadden-Cannon for a talk about the recently launched women's storytelling series she runs called We Are The Weirdos. WATW is a a platform for women and those who identify as women to come and share their stories inspired by other story slams such as, NPR’s the Moth and RISK live. Sit back, relax and let's START THE BEAT! 

On Episode 170 I sat down again with Mike Hitt for his 3rd appearance on the show. Mike is a musician, songwriter, producer and one of my favorite people on the planet to talk to. This time we get DEEEEP into conversation about the creative process, marketing, branding, self-discovery and so much more. Sit back, relax and let's START THE BEAT! 

On Episode 171 Brendan Cope returns to the show for a talk about his new music project FOR REST and the artistic transformations he has made since we last spoke back on Episode 102 back in October of 2016. He is getting ready to drop some new material really soon and we dig deep into the creative process and the constant evolutions that exist within the mind of a hungry artist. Sit back, relax and let's Start The Beat!

START THE BEAT with SIKES is available on iTunesStitcherGoogle PlayLibsynEpicast or wherever else you get your podcasts!

Last thing I wanna talk about is that the next Myspace Nite is just around the corner! 

Emo Night PGH presents:
Myspace Nite - Dance Party
with DJ's SIKES and Wyatt

Bambi and Company | @bambiqween

at brillobox (Pittsburgh, PA)
Friday, June 15th 2018
10PM / $5 Cover / 21+

Dance, dance all night to your favorites from the “Myspace era” including: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Katy Perry, From First To Last, Gorillaz, The Used, Rhianna, Taking Back Sunday, Chiodos, 3OH!3, Paramore, Say Anything, M.I.A., All Time Low, Cute Is What We Aim For, Kanye West, Motion City Soundtrack, Soulja Boi, New Found Glory, LMFAO, Mayday Parade, Metro Station, Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship, AFI, Good Charlotte & more!


I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Oh well... If you wanna keep up to date with whatever I'm doing on a more frequent basis for whatever reason you can find me across almost all social media @therealsikes. Later gators.

MAY 2K18. Sex, The News and Violence.

MAY 2K18. Sex, The News and Violence. I'm changing my band name. More on that below. ;-)

Here's everything I did in the past month or so that you might have missed and some more stuff coming up that maybe you won't miss now that you're reading about it. Let's dig in.

Photo:   Nick Prezioso

Photo: Nick Prezioso

Millvale Music Fest came and went. We played outside in the rain. I got very wet and I ruined a nice pair of shoes but the set was tight and it felt really good to be back on stage with The New Violence behind me. The new songs sounded killer and I can't thank everyone enough who toughed it out with us to watch the set. It meant a lot to see people sticking around and a few homies even managed to capture some footage on their phones which was nice since everyone with the fancy cameras ran for cover once the rain hit.

Photo:   Megan Maureen

Photo: Megan Maureen

Also, THIS happened...


Sikes and The New Violence will be performing again this Month on May 29th in The Club at Stage AE supporting Spirt Animal. Tickets are only $10 so if you're in Pittsburgh and want to see us in a very comfortable, awesome sounding environment with some great bands come on out! This is going to be a really awesome night. Respond to the Facebook event page HERE and I'll personally nag you about coming. ;-)

Currently, the main focus with Sikes and The New Violence  is getting the new album finished so expect to see some more live action from us in the Fall. In the meantime though we do have a few dates scheduled throughout the rest of the summer. You can check them out below. More will most likely get added but this is it for now. :-)

stnc shows header copy.jpg

In other news my other band Greywalker just dropped the first single / music video from our upcoming album Without Control. The song is called "Pity Capsule" and the video was directed by Nick Prezioso. You can check it out below.

The self-produced album was recorded in part by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings and was mastered by the legendary award winning engineer Alan Douches (Cannibal Corpse, Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die) at West West Side Music. 

I mixed the album if that counts for anything. Just saying. :-P

The album is going to be released on July 6th and the on the following day July 7th we will be having an album release party to celebrate with some super awesome bands and friends. We really busted our asses on this release and I'm super proud of it so mark your calendars and come party with us on July 7th! It will mean the world to us to see you all there. Seriously.

RSVP on Facebook

On the most recent episode of One Minute Or Less I took another audience request and decided to try and answer a question that I have no business really answering. What's the difference between Emo & Pop-Punk? Watch me pretend to know what I'm even talking about in ONE MINUTE OR LESS!


The past few weeks have brought us a few new episodes of Start The Beat. Check out some clips and links to full episodes below! 

Start The Beat 165: Bengt Alexsander of Action Camp & St. Dude


On Episode 165 I sat down with Bengt Alexsander of the bands Action Camp & St. Dude for a talk about his personal experiences as a musician & sound engineer, the PGH scene so much more.

Explore the wide world of Action Camp & St. Dude and on their Facebooger pages. Links below:

On Episode 167 I sat down with Ryan Postlethwait aka Mega Beardo for some super laid back talk about Beer, Video Games, Horror Movies, Heavy Metal and everything else worth talking about. Ryan specializes in original compositions and metal arrangements of retro video game music under the name Mega Beardo but that's only scratching the surface. Sit back, relax and let's Start The Beat!

On Episode 168 I sat down with Brenda and Thom from the band Old Game. They make really good music and they are nice people to talk to. We had quite the hoot. Join us for a talk about the history of the band, the PGH music scene and plenty more. Sit back, relax and let's Start The Beat!

START THE BEAT with SIKES is available on iTunesStitcherGoogle PlayLibsynEpicast or wherever else you get your podcasts!

I think that is plenty enough for now. If you wanna keep up to date with whatever I'm doing on a more frequent basis for whatever reason you can find me across almost all social media @therealsikes. Later gators.

February 2K18 Update: YOUR BOI IS BUSY AF

Alright. Everything has been a little wild lately. Between a mountain of new projects with Greywalker + Sikes&TNV, producing new episodes Start The Beat and One Minute Or Less, hosting DJ events, juggling freelance art jobs, planning year 3 of Brewtal Beer Fest and the day to day at Get Hip Records PLUS trying to have a reasonably normal/balanced social life things are BUSY AF. So much to talk about. So little time. Let's dig in.


First off, we just wrapped up recording the new Greywalker album. Next step is mixing and mastering and all that fancy bullshit so it may be a little bit before you get to hear anything but it will be worth the wait. This thing slams and I'm super proud of the album we've put together. We also shot a couple music videos last month for the album so expect to see & hear a lot of new stuff from us ASAP.  

DH2K18 copy.jpg

In the meantime we have a handful of shows coming up including our support date for Darkest Hour on Feb 25th at Cattivo (Pittsburgh, PA). Tickets are available for that Feb 25 show on our website. Links below! 


Another awesome Greywalker thing is that our hot sauce is back in stock! After selling out the first 2 batches we've teamed up for a 3rd Batch with Allegheny City Farms and gave this run an all new look! I designed the new label art for Batch #3 myself and you can order these online from our website right now! Just click the image below to order. :-)

Things have been moving forward pretty productively in the Sikes&TNV camp as well. I'm not sure if it has been announced "officially" yet but if you pay attention to my social media at all it's pretty obvious that a new guitar player has joined the team. I'm honored to say that Evan Thorsen (Greywalker) is currently working with us on the new album and we have a nice batch of songs we're in the process of recording now.


I'm also not sure if this was "officially" announced or not but Steve LaRussa (Mace Ballard) has also joined the New Violence gang will be taking over live drums for all future shows. As I mentioned before, we're currently working on wrapping up this new album and getting a new live show together. We're hoping to play out very soon but also taking the time to make sure everything is right before jumping back into it. I do plan on playing some solo sets to keep my chops up though. You can actually catch me and Mandy on Feb 19th at Club Cafe and in I'll be doing a DJ set once again at MySpace Nite at Brillobox on Feb 16th as well. Details below.


This is the start of my 2nd year hosting Myspace Nite at Brillobox and if you haven't come out to one our events yet you're seriously missing out. It's a fantastic Bi-Monthly party curated by yours truly. Come out, have some drinks and sing your ass off. Everyone else is doing it. ;-)

In other news, There's a few new episodes of Start The Beat floating around. You can check out some clips from Episodes 158 & 159 below along with links to the full episodes! They're both really awesome episodes. Duh.

I also have a new episode of One Minute Or Less where I review the Taco Bell "Nacho Fries". It's quality content. Trust me. ;-)


In art news I am SUPER STOKED to announce that I'll be working with Rock Bottom Homestead on artwork for a line of cans that they will be releasing this year. Above you can see a test image of the art for the Uppity Jagoff IPA. I also recently did some artwork for Penn Brewery that I'm not sure if I posted about in here before or not. Ah well, here's a picture of me and a T-Shirt I designed for them anyways.


One final thing that I would like to mention is that if you live in Pittsburgh you may have heard that we officially opened a retail space at the Get Hip Records warehouse with a nice collection of Vinyl, Cassettes and CD's available for sale!


We're located inside of the RJ Casey Industrial Park - 1800 Columbus Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15233 on the 2nd Floor / FREE PARKING! Open 7 Days A Week! - Sun: 1pm-6pm / Mon-Sat: 12pm-6pm - CALL US: 412-231-4766x12

I still spend most of my time on the 3rd Floor in our main office but if you decide to stop down let me know and I'll come say hi. Speaking of the 3rd Floor we also have a space for live bands on the 3rd Floor as well and have a ton of shows coming up. I'm not playing any of these shows but some other great acts are and I'll probably be hanging around with a beer or two in my hands. Check out the calendar below and come check out the space! 


AND THAT'S FEBRUARY! Tons of cool stuff going on. I didn't even get into Brewtal Beer Fest or some other things that are going on but I think this is plenty enough for now. Feeling good. Feeling Great. Anyways, thanks for reading all this. I hope to see some of you out in the real world sometime soon. 

Be excellent to each other. Talk soon!