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Sikes is an Indie Hip-Hop artist & producer from Pittsburgh, PA. He also hosts a weekly podcast focused on the Pittsburgh Music & Entertainment scene called Start The Beat with Sikes.


Alright. Just for a moment fuck the podcasts. Fuck the vlogs. Fuck Greywalker. Fuck Brewtal Beer Fest. Fuck all that other shit that I’ve been super busy with. This modest post is all about SIKES AND THE NEW FUCKIN’ VIOLENCE and our new fucking record that is finally fucking done and coming out on November fucking 1st. Finally. Let’s dig into this shit.


The album is titled Modern Modesty will be available on November 1st. Since nobody with any influence or clout bigger than my own gives a damn about any of this here is my own press release statement regarding the work.

The concept of modesty seems to be lost. Conceit has not only become a social norm… It has become a requirement to function productively in the modern world. We curate our personas as if they are a resume and everyone is qualified for everything. Reality holds little value in a world where aesthetic perception is the new perfection. Everyone is a rockstar. Everyone is a model. Everyone is a God.

Modern Modesty is an album about dropping that act and taking off the mask. Being comfortable enough to let the world see the ugly parts that lurk in us all. Living a less “curated” life and just living an honest one. There’s stuff on this album I’m sure some people won’t want to hear coming out of my mouth and there are things on this album I’m hoping some people don’t analyze too too much but the important thing to me is that it is all real shit. Unapologetically so.

I’ve always written songs from an honest perspective but this album is on a whole new level for me. I don’t think I’ve ever been as comfortable with my place on this planet and my voice as an artist like I am now. Unfortunately, I can’t change the things I’ve done in my past but I do hope I can do something to inspire others around me and perhaps be the voice to them that I never really had. Not to sound full of myself but that’s kinda what art is about right? Filling in the space where you see an opportunity to contribute something you feel is worthy of that space. Or in a more general sense being the change you wish to see in the world. That’s my approach to creating music with and this album is obviously no exception.

The world is on fire. Don’t lose yourself in the chaos.
— Sikes

Modern Modesty album was 110% recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by me at my house. It is 10 tracks and features a whole lot of artwork from @likekillersx. Unfortunately, there will NOT be a vinyl release for this album on release but I do have a pretty awesome package for the CD version for anyone brave enough to still invest in socially outdated physical media. Details of the packaging for this are intentionally being kept secret but if you know anything about the way I do physical media you should know that it will be pretty rad. If you don’t know… trust me. I’m pretty awesome at this stuff.

are available now along with a couple new merch items. Step up your game. Support that DIY shit. This fucking website isn’t paying for itself you know…

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At this point some of you may be wondering when you’ll get to hear a single from this masterpiece. I know the anticipation must be killing you and I’m not sorry. Lucky for you all though, I will be dropping some audio and visuals as we get closer to the release date. I fucking promise. Stay tuned.

The last piece of information I want to leave you all with is for any of my people in the Pittsburgh, PA area who may want to celebrate with us on November 3rd for the Modern Modesty “Album Release Event”. This shit is going down at the Joe Negri Auditorium up in Mt. Washington and will feature support from my friends in Back Alley Sound, Nathan King and Spish. Check the flyer below for more info and tickets. It would be really fucking nice for you to show up.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more updates and noise regarding Modern Modesty over the next few weeks and thanks for being here with me through all this nonsense. Hope you fuckers like the album. Talk soon!