Our new album Modern Modesty has been released and is now available all over the internet. If you have not had a chance to check the album out yet you’re a bad friend. It’s okay though. The road to redemption is only a few clicks away! Just hop onto your favorite streaming service and search for “SIKES AND THE NEW VIOLENCE MODERN MODESTY”. It’s super easy. I’ll even add a few links below for some of the more “popular” services because I’m a fucking nice person.



If you’re interested in more “traditional” forms of obtaining and listening to music I have put together a reasonably untraditional package for anyone interested. I made a video to explain it better below. There are some pictures too. Neato.

Modern Modesty CD & Trading Card Package
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Last thing I’ll leave you with are a few links to some recent video content related to the new album. Check them out. Share ‘em around. <3

Well. That’s about it for now. Plenty more to come probably. Thanks for paying attention. Catch you later.


Alright. Just for a moment fuck the podcasts. Fuck the vlogs. Fuck Greywalker. Fuck Brewtal Beer Fest. Fuck all that other shit that I’ve been super busy with. This modest post is all about SIKES AND THE NEW FUCKIN’ VIOLENCE and our new fucking record that is finally fucking done and coming out on November fucking 1st. Finally. Let’s dig into this shit.


The album is titled Modern Modesty will be available on November 1st. Since nobody with any influence or clout bigger than my own gives a damn about any of this here is my own press release statement regarding the work.

The concept of modesty seems to be lost. Conceit has not only become a social norm… It has become a requirement to function productively in the modern world. We curate our personas as if they are a resume and everyone is qualified for everything. Reality holds little value in a world where aesthetic perception is the new perfection. Everyone is a rockstar. Everyone is a model. Everyone is a God.

Modern Modesty is an album about dropping that act and taking off the mask. Being comfortable enough to let the world see the ugly parts that lurk in us all. Living a less “curated” life and just living an honest one. There’s stuff on this album I’m sure some people won’t want to hear coming out of my mouth and there are things on this album I’m hoping some people don’t analyze too too much but the important thing to me is that it is all real shit. Unapologetically so.

I’ve always written songs from an honest perspective but this album is on a whole new level for me. I don’t think I’ve ever been as comfortable with my place on this planet and my voice as an artist like I am now. Unfortunately, I can’t change the things I’ve done in my past but I do hope I can do something to inspire others around me and perhaps be the voice to them that I never really had. Not to sound full of myself but that’s kinda what art is about right? Filling in the space where you see an opportunity to contribute something you feel is worthy of that space. Or in a more general sense being the change you wish to see in the world. That’s my approach to creating music with and this album is obviously no exception.

The world is on fire. Don’t lose yourself in the chaos.
— Sikes

Modern Modesty album was 110% recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by me at my house. It is 10 tracks and features a whole lot of artwork from @likekillersx. Unfortunately, there will NOT be a vinyl release for this album on release but I do have a pretty awesome package for the CD version for anyone brave enough to still invest in socially outdated physical media. Details of the packaging for this are intentionally being kept secret but if you know anything about the way I do physical media you should know that it will be pretty rad. If you don’t know… trust me. I’m pretty awesome at this stuff.

are available now along with a couple new merch items. Step up your game. Support that DIY shit. This fucking website isn’t paying for itself you know…

Modern Modesty CD & Trading Card Package
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Modern Modesty T-Shirt
from 14.99
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At this point some of you may be wondering when you’ll get to hear a single from this masterpiece. I know the anticipation must be killing you and I’m not sorry. Lucky for you all though, I will be dropping some audio and visuals as we get closer to the release date. I fucking promise. Stay tuned.

The last piece of information I want to leave you all with is for any of my people in the Pittsburgh, PA area who may want to celebrate with us on November 3rd for the Modern Modesty “Album Release Event”. This shit is going down at the Joe Negri Auditorium up in Mt. Washington and will feature support from my friends in Back Alley Sound, Nathan King and Spish. Check the flyer below for more info and tickets. It would be really fucking nice for you to show up.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more updates and noise regarding Modern Modesty over the next few weeks and thanks for being here with me through all this nonsense. Hope you fuckers like the album. Talk soon!

AUGUST 2K18. Holler if you hear me!

AUGUST 2K18. Holler if you hear me!

  Photo: Dave Walker

Photo: Dave Walker

Before I get into all the SIKES related stuff I just wanted to remind anyone new to this blog that the new GREYWALKER album is finally out! Without Control is available for streaming on all major Digital Platforms so if you haven't given it a listen yet please do! 


Now onto the SIKES news... Last month I announced that we were going to be releasing the new SIKES AND THE NEW VIOLENCE album on November 1st and everything is still on track for that to be the case. This is very exciting for me. I hope it is exciting for you.

FB HEADER copy.jpg

The album is going to feature 10 brand new tracks but there's a good chance that if you've seen me live in the past year or two you've already heard an early version of some of these tracks. That being said, this album should have been released way earlier than the end of 2018 but I don't have the luxury of making music full time and well... life happens. However, having that extra time gave us an opportunity to bring Evan Thorsen (Greywalker, Byron Nash & Plan B) on board whose guitar work completely transformed the sound of this new record into something I couldn't of even imagined a year ago. It's been a blast having him on board and I'm glad things worked out the way they did.

The material is a lot more "hip-hop" focused than anything else I've recorded in the past 5 years and features some of the most sample based material I've ever recorded as SIKES. Just like our last album I've Seen Better this album has zero guest features and everything was 110% self-recorded and self-produced by me at my house in Troy Hill.  If you live in or around Pittsburgh try to keep your calendar clear for that first or second weekend in November. There is most likely going to be an event that I want all of you to be at. I can't say anything else at the moment but as soon as everything is locked in place I'll be making a pretty big announcement. You'll see...


Another SIKES thing that I should bring up is my recent recognition in the Pittsburgh City Paper's 2018 Best of Pittsburgh issue. I made a video the day this was announced addressing my feelings on this and if you haven't seen it I will link it down below. Overall, I'm grateful for the support from every single person who voted for me but after being featured in the past 4 years of this issue I do hope some other PGH Hip-Hop artists get their chance to shine in 2019.


With all of this other stuff going on I've had to take a slight step back from releasing new episodes of START THE BEAT. I am still working on plenty of new content for the show behind the scenes but the public output is going to a little less frequent over the next couple months. Regardless, I had some time recently to sit down with the guys in Smokey Bellows for a really fun talk on Episode 181. Links down below! 

If you want to become more involved with stuff related to START THE BEAT and join in on some discussions centered around topics discussed on current episodes and potential topics for future episodes I have started a Facebook group to help facilitate these conversations.


One last thing to mention regarding START THE BEAT and upcoming video content. As you may have noticed, I recently started experimenting filming the episodes and I was uploading the episodes to YouTube for a while but they weren't getting any interaction and YouTube is just an insanely difficult platform to break into. Especially when you're someone like me who doesn't release consistent content. If you look at my channel right now it's a variety pack of different stuff that isn't really related to each other and I think it has pushed some old subscribers away and only confused potential new ones. 

The plan moving forward is to create a new YouTube channel specifically for Start The Beat and other Vlog style content so I can shift my current channel back to more music related content. I just recently upgraded my equipment a bit so once I have some new content filmed on this new fancy camera I'm probably going to launch the new channel and see how things go from there. Once it's live you'll know!  

The last thing I want to to do before wrapping this up is just remind everyone once again about BREWTAL BEER FEST happening on October 20th at Mr. Smalls Theater and Funhouse. To help promote the event and have a little fun we've started up a silly series called the "Brewtal Boiz" where we talk about beer and metal and pop culture and everything else that our parents said would ruin our lives. The first couple episodes are down below. Check 'em out!

I think that is plenty enough for now. If you want to keep up with my nonsense on a daily basis you still can find me everywhere outside of here @therealsikes.

PS: Here is some art I did recently. Later!


JULY 2K18. Over the hump of another year... 2 new albums and another dope beer!

JULY 2K18. Over the hump of another year... 2 new albums and another dope beer! OH YES. This months update is a good one. Buckle up motherfuckers. VROOM VROOM!

  Photo: Dave Walker

Photo: Dave Walker

The new GREYWALKER album is finally out! Without Control is available for streaming on all major Digital Platforms so if you haven't given it a listen yet please do! We worked really fucking hard on it and we're all pretty stoked with how it turned out.

Also just wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone in Pittsburgh who came out to our album release show. There was a lot of you. It was awesome. (Photos: Nick Prezioso)

If you missed us at the album release show you'll have some more chances to see us at one of these upcoming shows! (MORE DATES TBA)


Speaking of BREWTAL BEER FEST we're super excited to announce the line up for Year 3 but this is only the beginning of the announcements. There is still some more to come including the announcement of the 3rd GREYWALKER X PENN BREWERY collaboration beer. We have quite the trick up our sleeves for this years brew. Just you wait! ;-)

Now for some SIKES AND THE NEW VIOLENCE updates. We've been playing out a good bit and the shows have been great! Deutschtown Music Fest was this past weekend and it was rad to play for a lot of people who I haven't seen in a while. 

If you missed our set at DMF there are a few other shows coming up. Of course. There are always more shows.


In addition to the shows I'd like to make a subtle announcement that the new SIKES AND THE NEW VIOLENCE album will be out on November 1st. No big deal. More news to come.

FB HEADER copy.jpg

PODCASTS PODCASTS PODCASTS. SO MANY PODCASTS. Plenty new episodes of START THE BEAT are available. Here's a list of the most recent ones in case you missed anything. Click through the images to access each episode!

If you prefer video with your podcasts you can check out a couple clips below and a whole lot more including some FULL EPISODES on the START THE BEAT Facebook page

START THE BEAT with SIKES is available on iTunesStitcherGoogle PlayLibsynEpicast or wherever else you get your podcasts!

I think that is plenty enough for now. I'm going to go eat a sandwich, record some vocals then shoot across town to record a podcast later. It never ends but I'm not mad about it. If you want to keep up with my nonsense on a daily basis you can find me everywhere outside of here @therealsikes. Later!

PS: If you need more GREYWALKER news and whatnot heres a list of other websites that have been talking about us lately. Some really cool stuff in here. Check it out! · 


JUNE 2K18. It's the most busiest time of the year.

JUNE 2K18. It's the most busiest time of the year. Stuff is crazy but a good crazy. Not a bad crazy. I haven't been sleeping well. I don't mind. Let's talk about it. 


Played a really awesome Sikes set over the weekend in Pittsburgh and met lots of awesome people. Huge thanks to the promoters, artists and everyone who came out sang along to my shit. That was really cool. 

My next show will be with The New Violence behind me on June 23rd at the Get Hip Records Warehouse! We're playing with this insanely rad band from Mexico called Decartes A Kant. They are so fucking good. If you're in or around PGH this weekend you should seriously consider coming out to this event. My buddies in Felipe Pupo (Philly) and Cody Cody Jones are on the bill as well. Shit is nuts. Seriously.

TICKETS FOR DESCARTES A KANT - 6/23 @ Get Hip Recordings are available HERE!

Sikes&TNV recently got to play with a cool band from Brooklyn called Spirit Animal. Here's a little evidence from that.

Also, if you can't make it to the show on June 23rd you'll be able to catch us on July 14th at the Deutschtown Music Festival. We're scheduled to play 9:00pm - 9:45pm
Pittsburgh Winery at James St. - Ballroom 422 Foreland St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA
This space is ALL AGES!

In Greywalker news we are less than a month away from dropping our new album! We have a couple events coming up to celebrate. The first being our Dinner with Greywalker event this Thursday - June 14th at The Pear and The Pickle and the second being our Album Release Party on July 7th at The Rex Theater. Flyers and more info below! 

Join us for a night of local heavy metal, independent film, delicious food and craft brews!

Pittsburgh headbangers Greywalker will be in the house giving a sneak preview of their new album "Without Control" along with an exclusive premiere of a short film made for the albums title track directed by Nathan King. Be one of the first people to hear the new album and see the video!!The kitchen will be open so come hungry. Beer from Penn Brewery and Rock Bottom will be available for all the grown ups. Open to the public. All ages welcome!

Mr. Smalls Presents
Greywalker “Without Control” Album Release Party
With Blackmarket BodypartsThe Breathing Process & Victims of Contagion

Saturday, July 7, 2018 · Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm · Rex Theater Pittsburgh, PA

Tickets: $12 - $14 · ON SALE NOW · This event is All Ages

In case you missed it we dropped a new Greywalker song and music video last month that you can check out now via YouTube and Spotify. We'll be dropping lots of more stuff very soon so be sure to subscribe/follow/whatever to keep posted with updates!

On the most recent episode of One Minute Or Less I put myself on blast a little bit... You see, I like a lot of music. This isn't a secret. However, theres still some stuff lurking in my record collection that might surprise you... Let's talk about a few reasonably embarrassing albums I own (and don't feel bad about) in ONE MINUTE OR LESS!

The past few weeks have brought us a few new episodes of Start The Beat. Check out some clips and links to full episodes below! 

Start The Beat 169: Jamie Fadden-Cannon | We Are The Weirdos

On Episode 169 I sit down with Jamie Fadden-Cannon for a talk about the recently launched women's storytelling series she runs called We Are The Weirdos. WATW is a a platform for women and those who identify as women to come and share their stories inspired by other story slams such as, NPR’s the Moth and RISK live. Sit back, relax and let's START THE BEAT! 

On Episode 170 I sat down again with Mike Hitt for his 3rd appearance on the show. Mike is a musician, songwriter, producer and one of my favorite people on the planet to talk to. This time we get DEEEEP into conversation about the creative process, marketing, branding, self-discovery and so much more. Sit back, relax and let's START THE BEAT! 

On Episode 171 Brendan Cope returns to the show for a talk about his new music project FOR REST and the artistic transformations he has made since we last spoke back on Episode 102 back in October of 2016. He is getting ready to drop some new material really soon and we dig deep into the creative process and the constant evolutions that exist within the mind of a hungry artist. Sit back, relax and let's Start The Beat!

START THE BEAT with SIKES is available on iTunesStitcherGoogle PlayLibsynEpicast or wherever else you get your podcasts!

Last thing I wanna talk about is that the next Myspace Nite is just around the corner! 

Emo Night PGH presents:
Myspace Nite - Dance Party
with DJ's SIKES and Wyatt

Bambi and Company | @bambiqween

at brillobox (Pittsburgh, PA)
Friday, June 15th 2018
10PM / $5 Cover / 21+

Dance, dance all night to your favorites from the “Myspace era” including: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Katy Perry, From First To Last, Gorillaz, The Used, Rhianna, Taking Back Sunday, Chiodos, 3OH!3, Paramore, Say Anything, M.I.A., All Time Low, Cute Is What We Aim For, Kanye West, Motion City Soundtrack, Soulja Boi, New Found Glory, LMFAO, Mayday Parade, Metro Station, Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship, AFI, Good Charlotte & more!


I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Oh well... If you wanna keep up to date with whatever I'm doing on a more frequent basis for whatever reason you can find me across almost all social media @therealsikes. Later gators.