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"Self Portraits & Self Destruction" VINYL LP (LAST COPIES)


"Self Portraits & Self Destruction" VINYL LP (LAST COPIES)


150 COPIES total pressed with each individual record on its own unique "Randomly Colored" Vinyl. Every record is different. Completely random.

*There are only about 20 copies of this title left*

Individually customized, hand painted, hand numbered and hand assembled packaging by Sikes & Friends.

Package also comes w/ YOUR CHOICE of MP3 DOWNLOAD code for the entire album or a PHYSICAL CD. Both options include a BONUS TRACK not featured on the LP. (Choose your option when adding to your cart.)

A1. Barf Simpson // Ft. William James
A2. Americunts
A3. Bloody Knuckles
A4. Santa Claus. Bloody Mary. Elvis Presley. Jesus Christ. // Ft. Amuck
A5. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Not Giving A Fuck
B1. The Good Old Days
B2. Perfect Blue // Ft. Crystal Madae
B3. Royal Wedding // Ft. Basick Sickness
B4. Paper Football (Re: Old Letters) 
B5. Let Me Sleep
Bonus Track: (CD/Download Only) Scenekiller/Scenefucker // Ft. Kiltervision & Josh Escoto


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