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Biography for Pittsburgh, PA based Artist Sikes and his Indie Hip Hop band Sikes and The New Violence.


Photo: Buzzy Torek / Epicast

Photo: Buzzy Torek / Epicast

SIKES is an American Hip-Hop producer & emcee. His backing band, THE NEW VIOLENCE is a diverse group of talent curated by SIKES himself to help bring his electronic compositions and ideas to life through live instrumentations. 

Since 2007, SIKES has recorded, self-produced and self-released 6 full length albums and 2 EP's as well as playing a respectable number of live shows in between commitments to his other music projects. 2012 saw a complete restructuring of SIKES with the addition of a 4 piece backing band for live performances and the band made their official studio debut with SIKES on his 2012 album "Self Portraits & Self Destruction".

In 2015, the backing band adapted the name of "THE NEW VIOLENCE" and together, SIKES AND THE NEW VIOLENCE have crafted a sound that is familiar but undeniably unique by blending elements from a wide variety of genres and cultures including (but not limited to) Punk, Jazz, Indie Rock, Electronica and Hip-Hop.

In 2015 they independently released an album titled "I've Seen Better” and in 2016, SIKES released 2 alternate versions of "I've Seen Better". "They Got Better", which is a collection of demos and alternate takes from the I've Seen Better recording sessions and "They've Seen Better" which is a collection of remixes featuring work from 10 different beat makers & producers. In addition, 2016 saw the release of SIKES' collaborative "Split" release with Pittsburgh based Punk band TRASH BAG via Get Hip Records.

In February of 2017 SIKES AND THE NEW VIOLENCE recorded a live performance for Pittsburgh based radio station 105.9 The X. The performance featured 6 songs including the debut of a new song titled "10 Years". The performance aired on February 12th and afterwards it was released as "Live From Studio X" via Bandcamp & Spotify.  In April of 2017 SIKES AND THE NEW VIOLENCE recorded another live performance for CMU on 88.3 WRCT's Advanced Calculus program and debuted 2 more new songs from their forthcoming album. 

In November of 2018 SIKES AND THE NEW VIOLENCE self-released their second full length album “Modern Modesty”.

In addition to everything mentioned above SIKES has played and contributed to a wide variety of other projects over the years. Most recently, his role as lead vocalist in the Melodic Death Metal band GREYWALKER. SIKES has also handled a large majority of the visual direction for these projects as well from designing album artwork & packaging to designing t-shirts and manufacturing merchandise via screen printing to directing & editing music videos and everything else in between. He also hosts a weekly podcast covering the DIY music / arts scene called START THE BEAT with SIKES, helps curate and organize the annual Music & Beer festival BREWTAL BEER FEST and works full time for GET HIP RECORDS

Currently, SIKES is promoting his new album with THE NEW VIOLENCE, playing shows and probably drinking a lot of coffee. 

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